​Purdiwan (Pretty One) (2014)

Purdiwan (Pretty One) (2014)

Garrwa country begins in the area of the Wearyan River crossing and extends eastwards through the Foelsche, Calvert and Robinson River to just over the Queensland border. The Garrwa call themselves ‘fresh water’ people, a people associated also with the spring waters of their stone country as opposed to to the ‘saltwater’ Yanyuwa people to the west of their country. The Garrwa people are ’emu hunters’ and pride themselves on their traditions associated with this bird. In addition to this the Garrwa people pride themselves on their long, rich history of working in the cattle industry. The animation Purdiwan (Pretty One) has its origins in this tradition. In the early days of the pastoral industry while the men worked the cattle, women would look after herds of goats which were used for both their milk and meat. This kurija (woman’s fun song) is about moving the goats from one location to another.

The composer of the song is no longer remembered but while visiting her childhood country, Majorie Keighran the singer of the song in this animation, recalled the song and asked for it to be animated.