Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges (formerly Monash Country Lines Archive) has the philosophy of working together to preserve Indigenous culture and heritage. This philosophy has already attracted extraordinary support from the University and wider community to Wunungu Awara’s unique method of preservation.

All donations to Monash University are tax deductible.

Philanthropic and government support will contribute towards the vision of the Wunungu Awara. The Wunungu Awara will leverage your support many times over by attracting additional research funds, enhancing the animation team, associated community based programs and creating a further understanding of the dynamics of knowledge-building.

New research projects may be designed and funded with your support. To learn more about how you can support Indigenous communities to help preserve their language, stories and narratives.

For further information on supporting the Wunungu Awara please contact:

Donor Stewardship and Recognition
External Relations, Development & Alumni
Tel: +61 3 9903 1608

Fred Leone
Project Manager Wunungu Awara
Tel: +61 3 990 3249
Mb: 0407 353 469

Past and Present Supporters

Monash University, Faculty of Arts and Faculty of IT

Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges (formerly Monash Country Lines Archive) is a contribution to the expansion of the digital animation project in the Monash Arts and IT Faculties. The program allows the University to conduct research, focusing on the cross generational knowledge sharing of Indigenous communities in Australia, enabling a medium of preservation of language and cultural knowledge.

Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Foundation

Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges (formerly Monash Country Lines Archive) would not be possible without the extraordinary generosity, time and passion that has been given by The Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Foundation. Their generosity has taken a fledging animation project and has allowed it to be transformed into much bigger and exciting vision for all Australians. Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges are deeply grateful for their gift and are very excited about the future in both developing the animations, but also the associated research and scholarship we see coming from this venture.

The Wunungu Awara: Animating Indigenous Knowledges program (formerly Monash Country Lines Archive) has been developed through the vision, trust and generosity of the Alan and Elizabeth Finkel Foundation. In 2008 Alan Finkel (BE 1976, PhD 1981) became Monash University’s Chancellor, the first alumnus to hold the position. Elizabeth Finkel is a noted science journalist and author.

The ability to develop Wunungu Awara is also a profound responsibility because imbedded within this are deep moral and ethical responsibilities. Their gift is in fact transformational for Indigenous Australians, the Monash Indigenous Studies Centre, Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University and for the Australian community as a whole.

This gift will allow the Wunungu Awara program to continue leading research into important issues associated with Indigenous Australia, and to focus on the critical but often overlooked area of cross-generational knowledge with Indigenous peoples throughout Australia.

We know through our early work with 3D animation that we are able to capture a vision of Country that Indigenous people and others can engage with and celebrate. We also know that the animations are an effective educational tool not only within Indigenous communities, but also within our schools and institutions of higher learning.

The Besen Family Foundation

The Besen Family Foundation was established to build on the philanthropic tradition started by Eva and Marc Besen. The essence of the Foundation is the involvement of family members and the desire to encourage a spirit and culture of giving which can be developed and handed on to future generations.

The Sidney Myer Fund and Myer Foundation

The Sidney Myer Fund and Myer Foundation aims to achieve change in Australia through supporting projects in key priority areas. Through this support, the two entities remain responsive to community needs, leverage significant engagement in priority areas, ensure ongoing and strong family engagement, and work to be an exemplary model of philanthropy.

Dept. Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport: Northern Territory Government

The Northern Territory Government have contracted two animations to be completed so they can be used to educate people involved in natural resource management as to how Indigenous knowledges and country work together.