Wawirrilu karu Warrkuj Mani 2019 - (The Kangaroo Stole Our Brother)

Wawirrilu karu Warrkuj Mani 2019 - (The Kangaroo Stole Our Brother),

Gurindji  dreaming story (Ancestral narrative), Northern Territory.

This story is spoken in old style Gurindji and spoken by Ronnie Wavehill Jangala

Three brothers go out hunting kangaroos, two elder brothers and a much younger one. The older brothers send their younger brother out first to round up the kangaroos and herd them in the direction of the elder brothers. The brothers wait a long time for their younger brother to return, but he does not come. While searching for him, they discover he has been taken by a big female kangaroo. The two older brothers track the kangaroo and eventually find their little brother. But he has changed, he has begun to turn into a kangaroo himself. Using their hunting skill and knowledge of Bush Law, the older brothers must find the big kangaroo and catch their younger brother and return him to human form.
(The Kangaroo Stole Our Brother),  Gurindji  dreaming story (Ancestral narrative), Northern Territory