Monash Country Lines Archive: archiving indigenous knowledges (2013)

The Monash Country Lines Archive (MCLA) is cutting edge in preserving intangible heritage through 3D modelling and animation technologies. The MCLA team of researchers, students and digital animators provide a method of preservation that is immediately accessible to both remote and urban communities, and allows for the intergenerational transfer of knowledge by working with Indigenous communities across Australia to help preserve languages, stories and narratives. This is the first living archive of its kind that also constructs a decolonised space. This form of archiving is ground-breaking and exciting not only for Indigenous communities, but also for academics and archivists worldwide.

Faulkhead, S., McKee, B. (2013). Monash Country Lines Archive: Archiving Indigenous knowledges. Comma: International Journal on Archives. Edition title: Brisbane 2012 Congress: A climate of change. Identities and communities. [Proceedings of the International Council on Archives congress 2012], 111-120.