Visiting scholars

The Department of Business Law and Taxation, Monash Business School, invites academics and Higher Degree Research (HDR) students to spend a period of time based in our Department for the purposes of research collaboration and to create opportunities for mutual academic development.

Our visitors

Professor Emanuele Menegatti
Department of Sociology and Business Law
University of Bologna

Ms Tran Thi Thanh Huyen
NH Quang & Associates
Hanoi, Vietnam

Dr Catrina Denvir
Ulster University

Dr Nigel Balmer
University College London

Associate Professor Qiao Liu
University of Queensland

Professor Larry Catá Backer
Penn State University

Professor Dan Rosen
Chuo University Law School

Associate Professor Andrew Hutchison
University of Cape Town

Professor Ellie Chapple
Queensland University of Technology

Dr Na Li
East China University of Political Science and Law

Professor Paul Redmond
University of New South Wales

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While at Monash University, Visiting Academics are generally provided with access to a computer and library facilities, depending on availability. Campus location (Clayton or Caulfield) and use of an office will also depend on availability.


Ordinarily applicants should cover their own costs associated with their visit, but in limited circumstances funding of up to AUD 2000 may be awarded on a competitive basis. It is desirable for applications to be received as far ahead as possible to facilitate budgeting.

Applications for visitors will be assessed using the following criteria

  • The applicant needs to have identified a suitable member of staff who has agreed to act as a mentor and/or "host" during the applicant's visit;
  • The degree to which the applicant has research and/or teaching interests and expertise that correspond with those in the Department of Business Law and Taxation;
  • The applicant’s planned participation in academic life in the Department of Business Law and Taxation, which may include presenting research seminar(s), guest lecture(s) and/or other activities;
  • The current and/or potential for future research collaboration with staff and/or HDR students in the Department of Business Law and Taxation.


Please complete the application form (doc, 54kb) and email it to