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Your Leadership Voice: Women in Focus

Standout seven-day program for female leaders
February - July 2019


3 modules delivered over 6 months, supported by expert coaching and mentoring, culminating in a 1 day SUE Talks event

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3 modules over 6 consecutive days with
remote coaching and support

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In Australia men hold the majority of senior leadership positions.

The Panel Pledge is a national initiative seeking to address this imbalance for women in public and professional forums. Another gender equity initiative is the Male Champions of Change, where prominent Australian leaders have committed to increasing women's visibility and accelerating their professional advancement.

Your Leadership Voice: Women in Focus reflects this national priority. As a highly interactive, practical program, it will enable and elevate a diverse group of businesswomen and female leaders with the tools, techniques, support and self-confidence they need to step up and stand out.

Why join the program?

Learn the most critical skills to advance your career, enhance your professional profile and drive workplace transformation. Drawing on new insights from neuroscience, you will gain greater confidence and resilience to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in your leadership journey.

  • Make Your Conversations Count

    Avoid conversation traps, master difficult conversations and deliver performance feedback. Learn how to enhance your ability to influence and read others astutely.

  • Build Confidence and Mindfulness

    Learn evidenced-based techniques to strengthen your self-belief and your leadership presence. Embed self-care into work practice to sustain your wellbeing and high performance.

  • Enhance Resilience and Adaptability

    Drawing on insights from neuroscience, learn how to recover quickly from setbacks, stay calm under pressure and manage stress and emotions skillfully.

  • Harness the Power of Negotiation

    Learn how to harness the power of negotiation and develop the competence and confidence to ask for what you deserve, and get it.

  • Master Public Speaking

    Whether your audience is 5 or 500, you will learn to craft memorable stories that change minds and inspire action in a wide range of business settings.

  • Women in Focus

    This open education program provides women with the confidence and resilience to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles in their leadership journey.

  • The Opportunity

    Australia lags behind other OECD countries when it comes to women in leadership. By offering this program, Monash Business School aims to change that. Find out about the benefits of 'Your Leadership Voice: Women in Focus'.

  • The Program

    Professor Anne Lytle and Professor Richard Hall discuss the different modules of Monash Business School's 'Your Leadership Voice: Women in Focus' program.

Your Learning Journey: Step Up and Stand Out


"This learning experience has without doubt been the most valuable of my professional career. The impact for me has been in the timing, intensity and learning through the lens of a women’s perspective in business and as a leader. The practical skills that I have learned and the alumni network I now have access to, have been transformational in helping me to guide my business into a confident and controlled growth phase.

This course has delivered the largest step change in my thinking as a woman entrepreneur. My leadership voice has never been as clear, nor as confident as it is now."

Michelle Gallaher, Co-Founder and Creative Director, The Social Science / STEMM Aus / SkinLife Pty Ltd
2017 Telstra Victorian Business Woman of the Year & 2017 Telstra Victorian Entrepreneur Award

Women in leadership

It’s estimated that women make up only 14% of panels at conferences, public forums and media events - so what’s being done to boost representation and get more women into leadership roles?

Listen to ABC Radio RN interview of Michelle Gallaher and Sharon Longridge, Co-Director, Your Leadership Voice, Monash University with Presenter Richard Aedy.

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More information and to register

2019 program

  • Module I: 20 - 21 February 2019
  • Module II: 10 - 11 April 2019
  • Module III: 5 - 6 June 2019
  • Module IV (SUE Talks): 26 July 2019.
  • Full fee $9,995
  • Early bird discount $8,995 (closes 21 December 2018)

This program may also be delivered as a tailored program to your organisation. Contact us regarding our full and partial fee support opportunities.

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