Congratulations to Simin – first research paper published in Microporous and Mesoporous Materials.

In this study, we have fabricated composites of MFC (microfibrillated cellulose) and NFC (nanofibrillated cellulose) and mesoporous silica through in-situ precipitation of the silica onto the surface of fibres over short reaction time. The nanofiber diameters controlled the MSN (mesoporous silica nanoparticles) particle size, the size distribution of particles, and the mesopore diameter. The results show that when we crystallise mesoporous silica particles onto cellulose nanofibres, we get a very rapid reaction, particle sizes of 20-40 nm and excellent surface area and good dye adsorption capacity.

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High-performance homogenized and spray coated nanofibrillated cellulose-montmorillonite barriers

Our latest study on cellulose nanofibre composite sheets has now been published in Cellulose. The paper shows that you can spray homogenised nanocellulose-Montmorillonite mixtures to produce high performance barriers. The added Montmorillonite not only improves the barrier performance while also reducing the amount of water that has to be removed by drying.

Congratulations to all authors: Kirubanandan Shanmugam, Shaun Ang, Maisha Maliha, Vikram Raghuwanshi, Swambabu Varanasi, Gil Garnier and Warren Batchelor.

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Impact of heat drying on the physical and environmental characteristics of the nanocellulose-based films produced via spray deposition technique

Our study on cellulose nanofibre sheets has now been published in Cellulose. The paper closes a gap in the larger-scale production of stand-alone cellulose nanofibre sheets, by showing that the combination of spraying onto moving plates plus oven-drying under restraint means you can produce 100s of stand-alone nanocellulose sheets in reasonable time.

Congratulations to Humayun Nadeem as lead author, together with Mahdi Naseri, Kirubanandan Shanmugam, Christine Browne, Gil Garnier and Warren Batchelor.

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