Endnote Style Files

I use Endnote® bibliographic software for handling reference lists and citations in paper and reports. Below are links to different Endnote style files that I have written that produce references according to the requirements of the different journals. Feel free to download them for your personal use.


  • Right Click on the link and save the file in Endnote's style folder. Some versions of Endnote won't work if the file is opened directly from the web page.
  • Read the notes in the style for formatting issues and stuff that needs manual editing
  • Proof-read the formatted reference list after using any output style file! These style files may contain errors as might your Endnote Library.

Let me know of any formatting errors in these style files. Contact details are below.

Links to pulp and paper related Endnote style files written by other people
Holzforschung. from Association des Sciences et Technologies du Bois