Graduate Alumni Theses

Cellulose nanofibres

Dr Shaun Ang (2019) - Sustainable and recyclable nanocellulose production, characterisation and applications

Dr Kirubanandan Shanmugam (2019) - Spray coated nanocellulose films-production, characterisation and applications

Dr Llyza Mendoza (2019) - Nanocellulose gels: concepts and applications

Dr Uthpala Garusinghe (2018) - Flexible nanocellulose - nanoparticle composites: structures and properties

Zhiyong He - Oil/water separation by nanocellulose aerogel sponge filter

  • Master's thesis was accepted in 2017.

Dr Praveena Raj (2017) - Nanocellulose-polyelectrolyte complexes

Dr Jielong Su (2015) - Cellulose interaction with cationic polyelectrolyte : engineering paper strength, structure and surface

Dr Swambabu Varanasi (2014)Eco-friendly Cellulose Nanofibre Membranes

  • Swambabu developed new methods to characterise cellulose nanofibres, to rapidly prepare cellulose nanofibre sheets and to prepare thin films for ultrafiltration membranes

Dr Liyuan Zhang (2012) - Preparation, characterization and application of cellulose nanofibre from softwood pulp

  • I was the external supervisor. Other supervisors were Prof. Xungai Wang, Prof. Peter Hodgman, A. Prof. Tak Tsuzuki (All Deakin University).
  • New methods for preparing cellulose nanofibres using ball milling were developed together with methods for forming cellulose nanofibre sheets and characterising fibre and sheet properties.

Green Solutions from Bioresources

Dr Thilina Gunawardhana (2019) - Biorefinery Opportunities in a Thermomechanical Pulping Mill

Paper Mechanical Properties

Hui Hui Chiam - Investigation of fibre-fibre bonding and effect on sheet mechanical properties

Kaustubh Joshi - A new technique to measure Shear Bond Strength

  • Kaustubh developed a new method to measure the shear bond strength of fibre-fibre contacts by weakening the fibres with HCl gas exposure to the point where all the fibres across a fracture line broke. At this point the fibre strength is equal to the strength of one bond.
  • Masters of Engineering Science (Research) thesis accepted in June, 2007.

Dr Jihong He (2005) - Quantitative Study of Paper Structure at the Fibre Level for Development of a Model for the Tensile Strength   of Paper

  • Jihong developed a new method for analysing fibre shape and orientation in the sheet and then used the information to develop a model for the tensile strength of paper.

Dr Derrick Wanigaratne (2005) - Investigation of an alternative technique to measure fracture toughness of paper

  • Derrick developed a new method of measuring sheet fracture toughness


Dr Rosiana Lestiani (2014) - Lint particle dynamics in the offset printing of newsprint

Afriana Sudarno - Investigation of the effect of press and paper variables on linting during the offset printing of newsprint

  • Master's thesis was accepted in March 2007.
  • New methods were developed for collecting lint particles and quantifying them by image analysis.
  • Smaller (7,000 copies) and larger (25,000 copies) press trials were conducted.

Sonya Rand - Linting of Filler in the Offset Printing Process

  • Sonya investigated several techniques for measuring filler content in the paper surface. The most reliable technique was found to be Back-scatter SEM. No strong correlation between surface filler content and lint in offset printing was found.
  • Masters of Engineering Science Minor thesis was accepted in May 2004

Low cost zeolite adsorbents

Dr Sigappi Narayanan (2014) - Development of laminate structured adsorbents using papermaking techniques