Calculation of LLB honours course grades

Calculation of LLB honours course grades

The Faculty awards the degrees of Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) ‘with honours’ in four grades (HI, HIIA, HIIB, HIII) based on the average of completed Law units. The ‘Law-only average’ is the average of the marks that a student earns in all Monash law units regardless of year level. This is different to the university’s calculation for WAM.

Please note that students who commenced their degree on or after 1 January 2021, the honours grade will be calculated according to the Grading Schema Procedure.

For student who commenced their degree prior to 2015, the mark for LAW4327 Honours Thesis will be weighted at 120% in the calculation of the ‘Law-only average’. Students who commenced their degree in 2015 or later are not eligible for the weighting.

The determination of honours grades for any year’s graduating cohort is calculated as the average of the Law-only marks over the previous three years cohorts for the 90th (HI), 75th (HIIA), 60th (HIIB) and 50th (HIII) percentiles.

Based on this methodology, the threshold Law-only averages for the 2022 completing cohort are:

HI 77.5
HIIA 73.9
HIIB 71.9
HIII 69.1

The threshold Law-only averages for the 2021 completing cohort are:

HI 77.2
HIIA 73.7
HIIB 70.9
HIII 69.0

The Order of Merit

In order to protect the privacy of our students, the Faulty of Law will no longer externally publish an online Order of Merit list, as decided at the Faculty Education Committee, meeting 02/2018.

Class rankings will be calculated by early April each year for students who completed their degree in the year previous. Students who complete with Summer B results each year will need to wait until the following year. Students, who have completed can request a Ranking Letter by filling in the online form. Please allow 1 week for your letter to be created as demand can be very high and please only apply in early April.