Student organised international placement

If you have organised an international placement that is relevant to your law studies, you may be eligible to receive complimentary travel insurance for your period of travel whilst participating in the placement. The Faculty of Law will need to assess your placement conditions and can then endorse the placement for travel insurance. Dependent on the conditions and timing of your internationally organised placement you might also be eligible to apply for credit through LAW4803 - Self Sourced Placement. Please refer here for information on specific criteria and how to apply for this unit.

When conducting a placement search, it is the responsibility of each individual to research the integrity of the organisations to  which one is applying. Individuals are advised to use common sense when applying for any placement. Monash Faculty of Law do not author, edit, or monitor these advertisements or links to other websites and therefore can not assume responsibility of their content.

Student eligibility criteria for endorsement

  • be enrolled in the Bachelor of Laws (or any Bachelor of Laws double degree) or Postgraduate coursework degree in the Faculty of Law at Monash University and have at least one unit of their law degree to complete at the end of the placement program
  • at the time of the placement students enrolled in the LLB or JD programs must have completed at least one full-time equivalent year of law (48 credit points) and achieved a minimum credit (60%) average across their law studies; students enrolled in the LLM (not including the JD) programs have completed at least two units (12 credit points) and have achieved a minimum credit (60%) average across their law studies.
  • have the ability to complete the internship without compromising law studies or examination periods.
  • be available on return to commit to marketing and promotional activities, including future use of profiles and reports in marketing material.
  • the placement needs to be in accordance with the Fair Work Ombudsman criteria.  Applications will be rejected if the placement does not meet these requirements.

International Student Restrictions

International students are not currently permitted to undertake internships during semester due to visa restrictions*. However they may be eligible for internships that fall outside of the semester dates and may therefore apply for funding if they meet the eligibility criteria outlined above.

(*This is a Commonwealth Government policy which is currently under review in consultation between Monash International and the Department of Immigration, Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs)

Application process

In order to have your Student Organised placement endorsed you must complete the google form below and submit any supporting documentation via email to

Applications to be submitted no less than four (4) weeks before the internship departure date.  
This is to allow processing of your request by the Faculty of Law. Once approved you will then need to register your trip via MAP - Monash Abroad Portal. Applications after this date are at risk of not being processed.

Student Organised Placement - Faculty Endorsement Form