Monash-Cambridge pathway opportunity

About the Monash-Cambridge pathway

Would you like to graduate with a qualification from Monash University and the University of Cambridge? The Faculty of Law offers a pathway opportunity to study the Master of Laws (LLM) or the Masters Degree in Corporate Law (MCL) at the University of Cambridge (Cambridge).

This opportunity is open to outstanding Monash students enrolled in either:

  • a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Double Degree (LLB Hons/XXX); or
  • a Juris Doctor (JD)

If successful, you will begin your studies in Cambridge in October (Term 1). At that time you must have no more than four general law elective units (24 credit points) left to complete in your overall Monash qualification.

Complete your studies successfully at Cambridge and we can credit a maximum of four units (24 credit points) towards your Monash law degree.


Your application must meet the Cambridge admissions standards for each degree:

Not all applicants will receive a course offer. Applications must include all your Monash unit results.

All students must have the equivalent of a completed undergraduate degree to be enrolled in a United Kingdom postgraduate qualification. For this reason:

  • students in the single degree Bachelor of Laws (Honours) are not eligible.
  • students who are applying from a Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Double Degree must have completed the non-law side of their double degree by the time they go to Cambridge.

Students are required to lodge their application late in the year previous to when they would commence study at Cambridge. This means they would normally be in the following years of study at the time of application:

  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours) Double Degree students – End of fourth year.
  • JD students – End of second year.

Note: The information above refers to a standard course progression of a student who completes the full-time load for their course. Not all students will have completed their course at the same pace so the timeline described above may not be accurate for all students.

Cambridge will not:

  • Apply any Monash course credits to their LLM or MCL degrees.
  • Accept work already submitted for assessment to Monash.

Before you apply

It is important you review and understand the following points before applying:

  • If you are interested in this pathway, you should ensure you are on track to be able to finish everything in your course except for four general law electives (24 credit points) or less by July of the year you intend to go to Cambridge. If you are unsure whether you are on track, you should seek course advice.
  • You must adhere to the applicable academic rules and codes of conduct set down by Cambridge.
  • If your application is successful you will pay tuition and any other fees to Cambridge each semester or term. You may also be eligible to apply for financial aid from Cambridge (including scholarships and bursaries). We recommend you apply early.
  • If you receive an offer from Cambridge it is your responsibility to apply for any necessary visa or travel documentation. Monash is not responsible for you meeting the obligations of any student visa.

How to apply

  1. If you are on track to meet the credit point requirement, complete:
    1. LLM Pathway application form
  2. Once we confirm you can proceed, you will need to apply to Cambridge directly for admission to the LLM program or MCL program.
  3. If you receive a course offer from Cambridge you must submit the details to the Faculty of Law via Ask.Monash. We will then enrol you in Monash equivalent units.
  4. Once you have a course offer from Cambridge and advised the Faculty of this, you will be automatically assessed  for the Monash Law Faculty International Study Scholarship.

When to apply

  • You must apply to Monash by 8 November (at the latest) of the year prior to your intended commencement at Cambridge.
  • If your initial check by Monash is deemed successful, you will informed you need to make an application directly to Cambridge. The deadline for this is normally in early December. You will need to check the Cambridge website directly to confirm the exact application deadline date.

Provision of Cambridge results

After successfully completing the LLM or MCL programs you must provide the Faculty of Law with an official academic transcript of results from Cambridge. We use the results from Cambridge to apply the final grade of SFR (Satisfied Faculty Requirements) to your Monash units.

You will not receive a numeric grade for these units and they will not be taken into account in the calculation of your Law honours grade.

Queries and submission of paperwork

Submit queries via Ask.Monash.

Further information

Visit the Cambridge website for more information:


The Cambridge pathway is currently supported by the Nick Auden International Study Scholarship’. This Scholarship will support one Monash Law student to undertake one of the three international pathway programs established by the Monash Law Faculty in 2014, as part of the Faculty’s 50th Anniversary celebrations.

Please note that no application is required for this scholarship, students who receive this program will be automatically assessed. Please note, availability of this scholarship is dependent on funding.

For further information please see the Monash Law International Study Scholarship web page.

The Faculty’s pathway programs enable outstanding Monash Law students to study some of the most internationally acclaimed universities in the United Kingdom: the University of Oxford, the University of Cambridge and King’s College London.

For more information about the other two UK pathway programs, please visit the following web pages: