Results – reading your marks

The following table provides a key to results on the academic record (transcript) according to the year of study. You should also refer to the Monash University Grading Scale Policy (pdf, 0.16 mb).

Code, grade and mark range for academic transcript results. Links in this table open in a lightbox.
HDHigh Distinction 80–100
DDistinction 70–79
CCredit 60–69
PPass 50–59
NFail 0–49
DEFDeferred Assessment 
E Exempt  
HI First Class Honours 80+
HIIA Second Class Honours Division A 70–79
HIIB Second Class Honours Division B 60–69
HIII Third Class Honours 50–59
NA Not Applicable  
NE Not Examinable  
NHHurdle Fail45
NSSupplementary Assessment Granted 
NSR Not Satisfied Requirements  
PGO Pass Grade Only (no higher grade available)  
SFR Satisfied Faculty Requirements  
WIWithdrawn Incomplete 
WNWithdrawn Fail

High Distinction

80–100 You’ve demonstrated an exceptionally clear understanding of the subject matter and appreciation of issues. Your work is clearly and logically organised with excellent presentation. You’ve addressed all of the assessment criteria to a very high standard. You’ve provided evidence of insight and originality where appropriate.


70–79 You’ve demonstrated a strong grasp of the subject matter and appreciation of the key issues. You’ve addressed all of the assessment criteria, with several to a high standard . Your work is clearly and logically organised with good presentation. You’ve provided evidence of solid work.


60–69 You’ve demonstrated a competent understanding of the subject matter and appreciation of most of the main issues. You’ve addressed most of the assessment criteria reasonably well. Your work is competently organised and presented.


50–59 Satisfactory. You’ve demonstrated an appreciation of the subject matter and issues. You’ve addressed most of the assessment criteria adequately but may have lacked in depth and breadth. Often work of this grade demonstrates only basic comprehension or competency. Work of this grade may be poorly structured and presented.


0–49 Unsatisfactory. You’ve demonstrated evidence of lack of understanding of the subject and minimal or inadequate comprehension. You haven’t addressed the assessment criteria. You’ve demonstrated lack of care and thought in organising, presenting and structuring your work. Work is often inadequate in depth and breadth and sometimes incomplete or irrelevant.

Hurdle Fail

45 A Hurdle Fail grade means you've failed the unit because you haven't satisfactorily completed all the unit's hurdle requirements.

Deferred Assessment

You’ve been granted a deferred exam or alternative assessment task (resulting from your special consideration application).

A deferred exam is an exam postponed to a later date. These are held:

  • during the official deferred exam period
  • or at a time determined by your faculty. They will email your Monash account with the details, giving you at least five University working days' notice.



Faculty Pass




Not Applicable



This grade is used to finalise a unit undertaken on a non-assessed, non-award basis.

Not Examinable




Supplementary Assessment Granted

You have been granted a supplementary exam because:

  • you failed a unit by no more than five per cent (a mark of 45-49)
  • and you passed all other units during the same teaching period
  • and a pass would complete all academic requirements for the degree or the unit failure would significantly impact your academic progress.

Not Satisfied Requirements


Pass Grade Only (no higher grade available)


Satisfied Faculty Requirements



If your grades are showing as Withdrawn (WDN), this means you have discontinued from a unit during the teaching period before 'Withdrawn fail' starts.


Your grade may be withheld because:

  • you have an extension to finish outstanding assessment tasks
  • you haven’t submitted your placement report (if you’re a placement student)
  • the host institution for your Study Abroad units hasn't yet submitted your results from your time overseas
  • your Unit Coordinator or Chief Examiner might still be marking your work and will update your result shortly.

Withdrawn Incomplete

This grade indicates that you weren’t able to complete all assessment for a unit due to extreme circumstances beyond your control. This occurred or had effect after the start of the Withdrawn Fail period. The faculty decides who will be awarded WI grades after results release.

The WI grade is not a passing grade because you haven’t completed the requirements of the unit. Unlike the other fail grades, the WI is not included in your GPA calculation.

Withdrawn Fail

Withdrawn Fail is awarded to students who apply to withdraw from units of study between Tuesday of Week 10 in a standard semester (or equivalent in a non-standard semester) and the last day of the teaching period in that semester.

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