Clinical Placement Offerings

LAW4803 Clinical Placement / LAW4811 In House Placement

The Clinical Placement is an ‘umbrella’ unit that houses a number of different placement opportunities. LAW4803 Placements are hosted by organisations external to Monash University, usually at their premises. LAW4811 In House Placements are conducted in partnership with an external organisation but hosted at Monash Law Clinics in the CBD. In order to be eligible for enrolment, students must complete a number of prerequisites (see the Unit Handbook for more information). The available placements differ between semesters.  This page may be updated from time to time as new or additional placements become available, so check back regularly!

To find out more about each placement, click on the placement name below.

You can find out general information such as pre-requisites, assessment and FAQ's below the listed clinical placement offers.  Please note that selection will be based on your CV, the quality of your statement of interest, and finally, your academic result.

To apply for LAW4811 or LAW4803 eligible law students must complete this google form.  If you have completed Unit 4803, you are still eligible to apply for Unit 4811, and vice versa.

Clinical Placement Offers CP4 2020 (14 September - 4 December 2020). Placements are for 1 day/week for a period of 12 consecutive weeks. Placement day will be set by Placement host .

Clinical Period Dates

Clinical PeriodApplication DeadlineOrientation

Clinical Period 3 2020

22 June 2020 - 11 September 2020

5 June 202018 June 2020 via Zoom

Clinical Period 4 2020

14 September 2020 - 4 December 2020

16 August 2020

10 September via Zoom

Clinical Period 1 2020/2021

7 December 2020 - 19 March 2021TBA3 December 2020

Clinical Period 2 2021

22 March 2021 - 18 June 2021TBA18 March 2021

Law Firms

In House Legal

International/Human Rights

(run out of Monash Law Clinics Melbourne CBD premises)


Community Legal

Government / Governance


Clinical Placement Guidelines and Information


Undergraduate student services
Phone: 1800 MONASH (1800 666 274)

Associate Professor Ross Hyams - Clinical Placement for Undergraduate and JD
Phone: +61 3 9905 3352