Kirsop, Wallace


Senior Lecturer and Associate Professor in Romance Languages, 1962-1998; member of the Bibliographical Society of Australia and New Zealand since its inception in 1969 (President 1969-71). Editor of Australian Journal of French Studies, 1968-2002; Chairman of the Committee for the Centre for Bibliographical and Textual Studies, 1982-1992.

Australian Journal of French Studies Editor's correspondence 1962-2003 4.92m

Files related to bibliographical studies 1971-2007 0.82m
Includes draft lectures and seminar papers; correspondence; and papers related to centres and their conferences and committees.

Teaching files 1953-1998 3.10m
Files related to Prof. Kirsop's teaching activities at University of Sydney c.1953-1961, and within Monash department of French, 1962-1998. Files include handwritten lecture and tutorial notes, course outlines, tutorial handouts etc.

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