Official publications

Chisholm Gazette: the official newspaper of Chisholm Institute of Technology. 1984-1990
Monash Memo: a newsletter for Monash University staff. 1998-2009
Monash Reporter: an unofficial bulletin for Monash University staff. 1964-1990
Monash Review: what's new in education, research and community service. 1969-1989
Monash University Calendar: 1964-2000
Monash University Gazette:1964-1970
Monash University News/Monash News: news from the campuses of Monash University. 1998-2004
Montage: news, views and breakthroughs from Monash University. 1990-1997

Student publications

Gryphon: the annual magazine of Caulfield Technical College. 1948-1950, 1957-1969
Orpheus: published by the Monash University Students' Representative Council. 1962-1967
Struan: the annual magazine of Frankston Teachers' College/State College of Victoria Frankston. 1959-1969, 1971-1977, 1979-1982