Obtaining copies of archival images

  • The Archives may provide a digital copy of an image if a print in sufficiently good condition is available.
  • The Archives makes no guarantee about the quality of the scan, and does not undertake to make enhancements or adjustments.
  • Where possible the Archives will provide a digital image in the format requested by a client, but this will be limited by the software used in the Archives at the time.
  • A reproduction charge may be incured, depending on the use to be made of the image/s, and the number of images requested.

To request a copy of an image:

  1. Complete the online form Request MONPIX image
  2. If your request is successful, you will be notified by email and asked to submit a signed copy of the Agreement for Copying of Archival Images (pdf 9kb), together with payment of any costs incurred.
  3. On receipt of the signed Agreement, together with any costs quoted, a copy of the image will be sent as an attachment via email