Musgrave, Peter William


Chair in Education 1970-1985; Pro-Vice-Chancellor, 1971; Dean of Faculty of Education, 1977-1981; Emeritus Professor, 1986.

Miscellaneous files 1975-1982 0.18m
Two correspondence files related to reviews and references; and two further files concerned with faculty submissions.

Papers related to the National Committee on Social Science Teaching 1972-1974 0.18m
Copies of agenda and papers related to meetings of the National Committee on Social Science Teaching of which Prof. Musgrave was a member.

Papers related to the Victorian Advisory Committee on Teaching of Social Sciences in Secondary Schools 1970-1974 0.09m
Committee formed to consider teaching of social sciences in secondary schools and to establish contribution which could be made to education of secondary school children by social sciences. Prof. Musgrave became Chairman of state advisory committee in July 1974.

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