Rich, Patricia Arlene Vickers


Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader and Personal Chair in Palaeontology 1976-2012, Emeritus Professor 2013.

Records related to the Chinese-English Dictionary Project 1954-2010 1.53m
Record related to publication of 'A Chinese-English and English-Chinese Dictionary of Vertabrate Palaeontology Terms', co-authored by P. V. Rich, Y. P. Zhang, M. C. Chow, B. Y. Wang, P. Komarower, J. H. Fan, R. Sloss, J. K. M. Moody and J. Dawson. The Chinese language dictionaries related to this project are housed in the Monash University Library.

Records related to the Dinosaurs of Darkness exhibition 1998-2017 1.25m
This exhibition travelled throughout Australia and internationally, and the series includes correspondence, agreements, planning and development records, photographs, slides and promotional material. Also included is a small collection of dinosaur related brochures and publications created by Professor Rich and members of her family.

Records of Monash Science Centre 1993-2014 1.26m 
Professor Rich was the founding and only Director of the Centre and included here are building construction records; records related to the Centre's outreach activities and exhibitions; press cuttings; and photographs.

Exhibition records 1993-2013 2.16m 
Records related to travelling exhibitions other than Dinosaurs of Darkness, chiefly the Great Russian Dinosaurs, but also including Wildlife of Gondwana, and Ghosts of the Great Russian Dinosaurs. Records include correspondence; details of casting and display setup; publicity material; and photographs and slides.

Professor Rich

Professor Rich, 1986