Award for Programs that Enhance Learning

2019Keith SEWELL, Vivienne MAK, Tina BROCK, Kennan BEAUMONT, Marian COSTELLOEMyDispense - Online Community Pharmacy SimulationFaculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
 Jonathan LI and Nathan SHERBURNTechnological Innovation in Learning and TeachingFaculty of Engineering
2018Marilyn BAIRD, Kirsten SCHLIEPHAKE, Liesl HEINRICH, Allie FORDIntegrating Science and Practice (iSAP)Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
2017Gail BOURNE, Chris GONSALVEZ, Livia MAMMARELLA, Peter O'DONNELL, Harnam THANDI, Yiwei ZHONGPostgraduate Industry Experience ProgramFaculty of Information Technology
2016Naomi BROWNING, Wing Keung CHAN, Crystal CHATTERTON, Allie CLEMANS, Julie FAULKNER, Helen FERGUSON, Angela FITZGERALD, Sigfredo GATUZ, Mayur KATARIYA, Anne KEARY, Rhonda LEE, Seshna MAHARAJ, Karen MARANGIO, Graham PARR, Michael PHILLIPS, Monique SHARP, Pearl SUBBAN, Rosalie TRIOLO, Tania WEBSTER, Judy WILLIAMSInternational Professional Experience (IPE) programFaculty of Education
2015Josephine HOOK, Nell KIMBERLEY, Leanne McCANN, Anne TAIB, Damian GLEESON, Erik BEYERSDORF, Andrew DIXON, David HORNEMastering Academic and Research Skills (MARS) for Business and Economics postgraduate studentsMonash Library in collaboration with Monash Business School
2014Kate CREGANGraduate Researchers In Print (GRIP) programsFaculty of Arts
2013Robyne BOWERING, Denise ATHANASOPOULOSThe Schools Technology ProjectFaculty of Education
 Special Commendation
Dangerous Ground Website Faculty of Arts
2012Lisa McKENNA, Jill FRENCH Promoting Development of Teaching Expertise in Undergraduate Programs Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences
 Special Commendation
Leanne McCANN, Lynette TORRES
Transforming the Library's Impact: explicitly evidencing student research skill development Monash University Library
2011No awards made  
2010Gary CODNER Leadership in a Technological Environment Program Faculty of Engineering
 Special Commendation
Ross HYAMS (Team Leader), Adrian EVANS, Stephen BARKOCZY, Joanna BECKER
Monash Faculty of Law Clinical Program Faculty of Law
 Stuart LEVY (Team Leader), Catherine EARL Diploma of Tertiary Studies (DoTS) Faculty of Arts, Gippsland