Access and Rates

Understanding the principles of Flow Cytometry and knowledge of how to optimally set up an instrument is essential for generating good quality and reproducible data. ARAFlowCore provides training that will give users confidence in the technique of flow cytometry and troubleshoot problems as they arise.

Training and Induction

A five-step process is required to become an independent user of the ARAFlowCore Platform. To initiate training please fill out the ARAFlowCore Training Request Form

  1. Education: The ARAFlowCore Platform Handbook and the ARAFlowCore Training Slideshow forms the minimum educational material required for platform access.
  2. In Person Training: A face to face training session will be conducted to consolidate the educational material and give hands on experience to users.
  3. Online Quiz: A quiz is to be completed prior to access being granted for the platform. A 100% pass rate is required for sign off.
  4. PC2 Inductions: To gain swipe access to the laboratories where the instruments are housed requires Local Safety Area inductions.
  5. iLabs Registration: Users need to register for iLabs and complete the training declaration in order to schedule equipment.

New users arriving to the facility already experienced in flow cytometry will require an induction to the platform, and be able to demonstrate competency. Steps three to five of the training program are required for sign off. Please fill out the ARAFlowCore Training Request Form

Swipe access to the facility will only be granted after a Local Area Safety induction with Monash University Research and Operations staff member. Depending on which instrument you require access to, you may need to undertake two inductions - please contact the representatives for the floors you require.

Level 6 Monash - contact


BD LSRFortessa, BD LSRFortessa X-20, Cytek Aurora, Amnis ImageStreamX MkII

Level 2 Monash - contact


BD LSRII, Beckman Coulter CytoFLEX, Cytek Northern Lights


BD FACSAria Fusion, BD Influx, Cytek Aurora CS


Current sorting and analysis rates (per hour)

In line with all FlowCore nodes, ARAFlowCore provides a subsidised fee structure for all researchers at Monash University and internal partners The Burnet Institute and The Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute. If you have any questions regarding billing policy and/or rates, please contact Mélanie Le Page

As of January 1st, 2023 the billing rates are:


Internal Partners

Academic External  / Commercial External

Unassisted Conventional Analyser



Unassisted Spectral Analyser



Staff Assisted Sorter



Unassisted Sorter



Unassisted Imaging Analyser



Staff Assisted Imaging Analyser