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All equipment reservations are handled through the Monash Technology Research Platforms (MTRP) iLabs website which can be found at

Users must register for an account - select either Monash or non-Monash

  • Precinct partners Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and Burnet Institute please select non-Monash and use your Institute-specific emails to register

After registering users need to login and request access to the ARAFlowCore platform

  1. Select the menu icon from the top left of the webpage and click Core Facilities
  2. Search for ARAFlowCore
  3. Request access

After access has been granted users will need to complete two form found in the Registration and Training tab

The two forms are;

  • ARAFlowCore Client Registration and Consent Form
  • Analyser Training Declaration Form

These forms will get sent to the administrator who can process the requests and gives users specific equipment permissions based on the instruments they have been trained on.

Navigating the iLabs Booking System

Once access has been granted to the ARAFlowCore platform, users may book equipment

Several tabs are available to users;

  • The About ARAFlowCore gives a general overview of the platform
  • The Registration and Training tab contains forms for new users to sign after they’ve completed training
  • The Reservations Tab allows users to see the booking calendar
  • The Schedule Equipment tab is where bookings are made

To schedule equipment;

  1. Select the Schedule Equipment tab
  2. Scroll down to the bottom and select either;
    • Analysers
    • Cell Sorters
    • Imaging Flow Cytometers
    • Analysis Computer
  3. The list of instruments in each category will be displayed. Select the instrument you’d like to schedule by either clicking on the name or View Schedule
  4. To book click and drag on the schedule for the time you’d like
  5. A dialog box will appear with a Reservation Form to fill out
  6. You can edit the time if required
  7. Select the Funding Source
  8. Press Save Reservation in the bottom left hand corner

A confirmation email will be sent and a reservation created in your calendar (if using gmail) and 24 hours prior to the booking a reminder email will be sent

To cancel a reservation

  1. Click on the booking in the Schedule Equipment tab
  2. Select the Details box which will open the reservation form again
  3. Click Delete Reservation at the bottom right hand corner of the form