It is important that the impact of Monash Technology Research Platforms is able to be recognised and quantified. To that end, we strongly encourage researchers to acknowledge any and all Monash research platforms utilised in the course of a study, in any publications or research outputs arising from that study (Monash Technology Research Platforms).

If publishing data obtained at ARAFlowCore, where appropriate please acknowledge us!

"Authors acknowledge ARAFlowCore for performing cell sorting"

"Authors acknowledge ARAFlowCore for assistance with flow cytometry analysis"

Instrument Details

Manufactured by Becton Dickinson (BD), Franklin Lakes, NJ, USA

Sorters - BD FACSAria Fusion and BD Influx

Analysers - BD LSRII, BD LSRFortessa, and BD LSRFortessa X-20

Manufactured by Beckman Coulter, Brea, CA, USA

Analysers - CytoFLEX

Manufactured by Cytek, Fremont, CA, USA

Sorters - Aurora CS

Analysers - Aurora, Northern Lights

Manufactured by Millipore, Billerica, MA, USA

Analysers - Amnis ImageStreamX MkII