FlowJo Software

ARAFlowCore officially supports the FlowJo flow cytometry data analysis software package.

  • FlowJo: Version 10 for both Windows and Mac platforms.

Analysis Computer

FlowJo is available for use on a dedicated data analysis PC located in room 2U49 level 2 ACBD Monash ARA Precinct. The PC also has cytometry analysis programs: SpectroFlo, FCS Express, and Ideas software for the Amnis ImageStreamX.

The computer is accessible to all registered iLabs users between 8am and 6pm on business days, and 24/7 for Monash users. Scheduling is done through Monash iLabs and is free of charge for registered users of the platform.

Purchasing FlowJo

If you wish to perform your data analysis on your own computer, ARAFlowCore via FlowCore Clayton Campus administers a FlowJo site license, subsidised by Monash University.

Please see the FlowCore website for leasing options