Data Management

All data generated on the ARAFlowCore analysers by end users is the property and ultimately the responsibility of the individual end user. To ensure all data is retained correctly, it is important that all end users adhere to the ARAFlowCore data management structure, which is detailed in the induction process.

Storage capacity at the point of origin (i.e. the computer connected to the flow cytometer) is limited. While ARAFlowCore staff will endeavour to ensure that the client’s flow cytometry related electronic assets are archived from the point of origin to our networked file server, and eventually into deep storage (exported experiments and database backups) we cannot guarantee the disposition or integrity of your electronic assets for any period of time beyond your booking. It is strongly recommended that you retrieve your flow cytometry data either at the completion of your booking or soon after you return to your laboratory, either by transfer to an external hard drive or networked ARAFlowCore S: drive.

For comprehensive data management policies relating to flow cytometry data, please see the FlowCore website: