Postal Address

Materials Science and Engineering, Rm 109, Bldg 69,

22 Alliance Lane, Monash University, Clayton Campus,

VIC 3800, Australia

Courier Delivery

Engineering Precinct Store (ATTN: Jisheng Ma)

G02, 17 Alliance Lane (Building 37)

(drivers enter loading dock off Boiler House Road)

Clayton, VIC 3800

Location and hours of operation

The MXP has two nodes, one in New Horizons and one in Chemistry:

New Horizon MXP Node:

G77 & G78 New Horizons 
Monash University 
Clayton Campus, VIC 3800

Access to MXP labs and instruments in New Horizons is during business hours only unless after-hours access has been agreed and provisioned by MXP staff.

Chemistry MXP Node:

G48, Building 23, 17 Rainforest Walk

Access to MXP instruments in Chemistry is during business hours only, however use of the auto-changer allows samples to be run after hours.