Monash X-Ray Platform Use

All instrument bookings, service requests, new user and training requests are submitted through the MXP's online booking system, iLab.

Monash Users: Please use these instructions to register with iLab. Your supervisor (CI) will also need to register with iLab: CI instructions.

External Users: Please use these instructions to register with iLab or contact us

Once registered, new users should initiate and submit a "New User Signup” in the "New Users and Service Request Tab"

This guide will help you navigate iLab.

Request access to La Trobe's Centre for Materials and Surface Science (ToF-SIMS and Auger) through the Monash X-ray Platform

1. Register with iLab, the MXP’s online booking system (or login if you already have an account)

2. Initiate and submit a "La Trobe CMSS Surface Analysis Request” in the "New Users and Service Request Tab"

3. Visit the CMSS website and submit a surface analysis request (please include the iLab service ID/request name in your request to CMSS - this is found in the iLab request)

4. CMSS will review your request and submit the proposal to you through iLab

5. Review and accept service proposal in iLab when you receive the email notification

6. You will receive an email from CMSS on where to ship your samples (alternatively you can drop them off in person - please arrange this with

7. Your surface analysis will be carried out by CMSS

8. Your specified account will be charged for any work quarterly through the iLab billing process