Facilitating research is the primary objective of the Monash X-ray Platform. We encourage our users to publish their X-ray research and make the data and its analysis available to the scientific community.

Here is an on-line resource on best practice when publishing X-ray data.

Below is an example of the basic X-ray experimental information that should be described in any publication using MXP facilities. MXP staff can advise you when writing your experimental section – please get in contact if you need our help!

X-ray Experiment Information

  • Instrument / manufacturer, Example: Bruker D8 Advance,
  • Scan range (start, end, step size)
  • Radiation (Cu or Co), filter (Ni), divergence slit (0.5°, or 0.6 mm),
  • Detector (Lynxeye XE), Soller slit (2.5°), generator settings (40kV, 40mA),
  • References to sources of crystal structures (PDF, COD etc.)
  • Quantification Software (program name, version, reference)

Your publications – Please Let Us Know!

Please let us know when you publish!

It is a condition of use of MXP that you provide us with an electronic copy of any publications arising from your use of MXP facilities by email.

The MXP requires this information to report to the many funding bodies that enable you to access the advanced instrumentation, expertise and training at MXP (and to do so at subsidised rates).

The MXP also enjoys seeing the outcomes of your research work and it helps us identify any areas where more support or better instrumentation could be provided.

So PLEASE REMEMBER - you must send us your publications!

How to acknowledge MXP

You can do this simply by including the following text in the acknowledgements:

Where MXP staff provided assistance (but not enough to justify a co-authorship):

"The authors acknowledge use of the facilities and the assistance of NAME OF MXP STAFF MEMBER(S) at the Monash X-ray Platform."


Where you carried out all the work or one or more MXP staff are co-authors:

"The authors acknowledge use of facilities within the Monash X-ray Platform."