MoVE (Monash Virtual Environment) is a new way for students and staff to access the specialised software and applications they need, anywhere and anytime.

Students will benefit by being able to access applications on their own device at no cost; and will reduce their need to visit on-campus labs in order to complete assessments and software-specific study.

Students enrolled in activities that require MoVE will need to bring their own device (laptop or tablet) in order to access the MoVE platform.

Access MoVE

Use your Monash account details to log in. MoVE can be used on any device with a web browser, but a laptop or tablet is strongly recommended. Maintenance updates for MoVE take place on the third Thursday of every month between 8 - 10am.

For more support, see the MoVE user guide.

If your students require a laptop

Students can purchase a laptop from our supply partners and benefit from students discounts on Apple, Dell and HP devices.

There are a range of scholarships for students to help with educational costs. Students experiencing financial disadvantage or who are of an Indigenous Australian background are also guaranteed a Monash UniStart Support scholarship.

Virtual Student Labs

Units requiring access to custom server hosting, high-performance computing, GPU capabilities, or other bespoke needs can now work with eSolutions to access Virtual Student Labs hosted on Monash Private Cloud infrastructure. If you require access to these services for your teaching, please fill out the Education Infrastructure Access request form.