The Nature of Knowledge in the STEM Disciplines

Dr Kathy Smith
Monash University

About this video

In this video, Dr Kathy Smith discusses the importance of understanding the knowledge areas of STEM when it comes to effective integration.

Points for Discussion

  • How does STEM education challenge teachers to think differently about their own teaching practices?
  • How might you use STEM education experiences in your classroom to support curriculum aligned deep learning opportunities for your students?
  • What types of skills do your students have the opportunity to develop through quality STEM education experiences?
  • What types of assessment practices could be used to capture this learning and skill development?

Additional Resources

Using the ‘The nature of knowing, thinking and acting in each of the STEM disciplines’ template, think about how each of the four disciplines in STEM education varies in its approach to knowing, thinking and acting. Discuss with others what you notice about the similarities and differences you notice and where you might see opportunities for integration across disciplines.