STEM Education that matters: Transcultural curriculum thinking

STEMinar Series 2018
Monash Education


The Engaging STEM Education seminar series in 2018 explores how STEM education can develop literacies and capabilities in learners.This STEMinar is a celebration of the broad ancestral heritage and cultures of the presenters and audience whom have a vested interest in STEM education. The presenters will consider both who is teaching STEM and to whom STEM is being taught, as a critical approach to successful STEM education. A transcultural, transdisciplinary approach to STEM education is explored as a solution.

Discussion Panel

Dr Niranjan Casinader - Senior Lecturer, Monash University

Associate Professor Gillian Kidman - Monash University

Roland Gesthuizen - STEM Method Lecturer, Monash University

Chew-Hung Chang - National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore

Jai Wright - Actor / Climate Change Activist

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)