Exploring STEM Education - Make it so

STEMinar Series 2018
Monash Education


The Engaging STEM Education seminar series in 2018 explores how STEM education can develop literacies and capabilities in learners. The first in a series of four seminars begins by drawing on the ‘maker movement’ as a stimulus for considering what STEM initiatives might look and feel like in practice. This panel of educators will explore the influence, history and digital technology connections and how this increasingly popular initiative in schools and education centres might provide opportunities to develop STEM literacies and capabilities in learners.

Discussion Panel

Roland Gesthuizen - Lecturer, Monash University

Renee Hoareau - Director, Education and Engagement for LifeJourney International

Donna Benjamin - Digitise the Dawn, Project Lead, Catalyst Australia

Georgene Bridgeman - CEO of Akorn Educational Services

Chava Rodriguez - Program Facilitator, Monash Tech School

Robert Roe - Founding member and secretary of Mag-Net Online Association of STEM Educators

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)