Enacting STEM education: An integrated approach to STEM

STEMinar Series 2019
Monash Education


STEM education has become a high priority for schools due to rapid technological advancements, future economic growth and uncertain future employment prospects for current students. At the same time, declining numbers of students are taking up STEM subjects in schools; particularly girls and students from low socio-economic status and indigenous backgrounds. This situation presents a range of tensions and practical challenges which teachers and school leaders confront every day in STEM education. In this STEMinar, a panel of STEM education experts lead the discussion that aims to explore the experiences of those working in, and alongside, integrated STEM education in schools.

Discussion Panel

Prof. Mandi Berry - Professor in STEM Education, Associate Dean in Research, Monash University

Dr Kathy Smith - Senior Lecturer, Science Education

Dr Mike Phillips - Senior Lecturer, Leader Digital Education Research Team

Dr Jennifer Hall - Lecturer, Early Years/Primary Numeracy

Melissa Gatt - Primary Teacher and STEM Leader

Marcus Mulcahy - Learning Specialist, Carrum Primary School

Gemma Reid - Project Officer – STEM Professionals in Schools, CSIRO

Facilitated by:

Lucas Johnson - Research and Development Manager, STEM Education, Monash University

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)