Leadership in STEM education: Re-framing our thinking

Michelle Verna
St Gregory the Great, Doncaster

In this video, Michelle explains that a focus on STEM education in a school challenges leaders and teachers to think differently about pedagogical approaches, but leaders cannot assume that changes will happen easily or automatically. She explains that the introduction of collaborative professional learning experiences can help in making teachers feel more comfortable when implementing new ideas and structures into their classrooms. Michelle talks about examples such as 'Techie Brekkies' or discussions based on selected education research.

Points for Discussion

In your school:

  • How are teachers supported to feel more comfortable with the introduction of initiatives such as STEM education?
  • How do you ensure that teachers see the value and relevance of such initiatives?

Additional Resources

Take some time to review current STEM education practices at your school from a leadership point of view. Using this SWOT Analysis template, consider the following:


What practices are currently happening in your school around STEM education that are working well?


What challenges do you already face/anticipate facing with a greater emphasis being placed on STEM education in your school?


What opportunities exist to support teachers in this area? e.g. professional learning, modelled teaching, planning time etc

How might leadership support teachers who don't feel comfortable teaching in a STEM education curriculum?


What are the key factors that stand in the way of the successful implementation of STEM education at your school?

What strategies could be used to negate these challenges?