What is Design Thinking?

Neil Carmona-Vickery
Monash Tech School

About this video

Design thinking is a real world approach used to create solutions to problems. In this video, Neil discusses design thinking and how it can be used as a framework to leverage authentic opportunities for students.

The design thinking model applies to STEM as it requires discipline knowledge from each of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to ideate, design a prototype, test the prototype and come up with a possible solution.

Points for discussion

If you're interested in implementing design thinking into your school's curriculum, it might be worth considering the following questions:

  • What are the various kinds of design thinking models that you've come across and how are they similar/ different?
  • How is design based thinking similar or different from inquiry based  learning, problem based learning and project based learning?
  • How does your unit or lesson planning align with design thinking frameworks?
  • What skills and/or knowledge might teachers need to be aware of when adopting a design based approach?
  • What role does failure and uncertainty play in design based pedagogies?
  • These feelings can be challenging for students. How can they be supported to see failure/ mistakes and uncertainty as opportunities for learning?