Engaging with Contemporary Science

Engaging Science Education Series 2016
Monash Education


Science has changed significantly over the past fifty years. If our students are to be prepared for life and work in contemporary societies, then science teaching in schools needs to better engage with all aspects of contemporary science. Achieving this requires updating the science content taught in schools, and also requires improved student and teacher understandings of the complex relationships between contemporary scientists and society. Monash was involved in two complementary federally funded projects – ReMSTEP and Articulate Science - that aim to achieve these improved understandings in ways that have direct impact on school and university science curriculums. This panel discussion connects researchers on both projects with the audience in an informal Q&A format.

Discussion Panel

Dr Dorothy Smith (La Trobe University)

Emeritus Professor Richard Gunstone

Dr Pam Mulhall

Professor Debbie Corrigan

Associate Professor Gillian Kidman

Mr Greg Lancaster

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)