Science that matters: Enhancing learning and enriching teaching in the primary years

Engaging Science Education Series 2016
Monash Education


The work of a primary teacher is generalist in nature, which brings particular pedagogical expertise. Rather than capitalizing on this, we have noticed an interesting disconnect emerging in relation to how many primary teachers approach science education. Science learning and teaching in primary classrooms is often enacted in ways that are inconsistent with the teaching practices used and values attended to in other curriculum areas. This presents obvious implications for student learning with few opportunities presented to develop deep and authentic understandings about the nature of scientific thinking and activity. If primary teachers could instead feel confident to apply their pedagogical strengths and draw from the knowledge shaping these practices, they may be better placed to enhance their science teaching and enrich student learning. This seminar explores this dilemma through stories of primary teachers who have been rethinking and reshaping their approaches to science education to illustrate what is possible and why it matters.

Discussion Panel

Dr Kathy Smith

Dr Ange Fitzgerald