Episode 3: Diving in

Let's Talk STEM
Monash Education

Is STEM the latest buzz word or is it here to stay?

If you’re interested in giving STEM a go but unsure where to start, then this might be the video for you. STEM education does challenge teachers to think differently about the way that they engage and assess their students but it needn't be so daunting. In this episode of ‘Let’s Talk STEM’, our experts explore ideas that might help to give you that start that you need.

Covering ideas such as collaboration and engaging experts, this video is designed to support you in making that big (or small) first step into the world of STEM education.

Using this video

Suggested Activity 1

Student-centred learning in your STEM curriculum

Place posters around your staffroom asking staff to consider and contribute their responses to the below questions.

  • In a student-centred learning environment….
  • What might assessment look like?
  • What might planning look like?
  • How do we manage the ‘chaos’?
  • What does learning look like?
  • How can we ask the right questions to facilitate student-led learning?

Use the responses to support discussion with teachers to support a shared understanding of the opportunities and challenges related to student-centred learning.

Suggested Activity 2

Quick wins for sustainable change

Starting small is the key to ensuring sustainability when changing teaching practices.

What are some small changes that your teachers can make in their classroom to begin to integrate STEM?

Using this Quick Wins template, ask teachers to explore some minor changes that they can make right away to begin on their journey towards STEM integration.

Consider having a teacher celebration session after 2-3 weeks, where teachers openly explain their successes and failures with their quick win goals.

Deb and Rachael

“It is chaotic, sometimes you’re going to fail, and as a teacher that can be quite a big leap of faith”

Prof. Deb Corrigan

Meet our experts


Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith


Australia's Women in STEM Ambassador



Felicity Furey


Power of Engineering




Danny Summerell

STEAM Teacher

Instructional Leader, Innovations

Hazel Glen College



Professor Marilyn Fleer

Laureate Professor

Director, Conceptual Playlab



Lucas Johnson

Research & Development,

STEM Education



Rachael Lehr


Founder of #PrimarySTEMChat



Professor Deb Corrigan


Monash Education Futures



Kirsten Banks

Wiradjuri Astrophysicist