Hands On STEM: Lessons from Early Childhood Education

STEMinar Series 2019
Monash Education


The early years contexts are a haven for nurturing creativity and curiosity. Positive experiences with STEM in the early years promotes greater STEM engagement later in life. Lessons can be drawn from the early years sector about ways educators can promote positive learning experiences for students across other education contexts.

This STEMinar showcases a panel of experts from early years contexts to discuss the conditions that are effective for supporting positive experiences with STEM education through early years to secondary school.

Discussion Panel

Anne Gordon - Early Childhood Educator

Liz Bawden - Early Childhood Educator, St Leonard's College

Caroline Robinson - Early Childhood Educator, St Leonard's College

Dr Sarika Kewalramani - Monash University

Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer - Monash University

Dr Maria Hatzigianni - Monash University

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)