Let’s talk STEM: Breaking down the barriers to school engagement

STEMinar Series 2020
Monash Education


At Monash Education, we have created a  series of short videos called ‘Let’s Talk STEM’ where we have brought together a group of eight STEM champions to answer the wicked questions about STEM education. Questions and themes used in this web series have been collected from teachers to explore the current challenges they face in the implementation and integration of STEM education in their schools. Participants at this workshop had the opportunity to engage in critical discussion around the key topics that have been addressed in this series and build an understanding of how these resources can be used to encourage conversation in your school.

Discussion Panel

Dr Jared Carpendale - Monash University

Lucas Johnson - Monash University

Professor Deborah Corrigan - Monash University

Professor Lisa Harvey-Smith - Australian Government  Women in STEM Ambassador

Felicity Furey - Co-Founder, Power of Engineering

Laureate Professor Marilyn Fleer - Monash University

Rachael Lehr - Teacher, Founder of #PrimarySTEMChat

Danny Summerell - STEAM Teacher, Instructional Leader - Innovations, Hazel Glen College

(Presenter details correct at time of presentation)