Deficiency to excess - it’s all about the dosage

Dr Chris Thompson

Associate Dean (Education)
School of Chemistry
Monash University

Chris completed a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Chemistry at ANU in 2000 and a PhD in Chemistry at Monash University in 2004. After spending the following 2 years in postdoctoral research at the University of Melbourne he returned to the School of Chemistry at Monash. His research includes high resolution spectroscopy using the Australian Synchrotron, computational Chemistry and more recently active and inquiry based learning approaches in Chemistry education.

Despite the popular media’s abhorrence with ‘nasty’ chemicals, all substances that our bodies consume are composed of chemicals. No matter whether you consume something you've bought from the supermarket, taken as a vitamin or protein supplement, cooked in your kitchen or even grown 'organically' in your garden, your body craves a constant supply of countless chemicals. But when does too much of a good thing make it bad for you? Chris’s talk will discuss the importance of dosage and how it impacts on the chemistry of consumption.

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