Imagining future technology: diversity, development & disruption

Ms Ami Pasricha

CEO, Robogals Global
Product Owner, SMART IoT Applications, Telstra

Ami is a graduate of Monash University in Electrical and Computer Systems Engineering and the CEO of Robogals Global, a not for profit organisation that aims to interest more girls in the study of engineering. Throughout her degree she has worked in various teams to tackle diverse challenges such as; clean water sustainability, improving public transport efficiency and affordable asset management. Ami currently works in Telstra’s SMART IoT (Internet of Things) Applications team, where she helps develop and improve IoT products to solve customers’ problems.

In today’s world, the use of technology is already widespread and becoming increasingly prominent in our daily lives. The current ways that we interact with technology are already vastly different to how our parents and grandparents have done in the past. A constant challenge is how to leverage emerging technology to create targeted solutions that help solve real problems while meeting customers’ needs. Ami’s talk will focus on the product development journey and the role that diversity, development and disruption play in creating new products that add real value to people's’ lives.

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