Plants that kill: how climate change is changing our food

Professor Ros Gleadow

School of Biological Science
Monash University

Ros completed a BSc with Honours in Biology at The University of Melbourne and then a Master of Science in Plant Ecology in 1980. Following this she worked in the agricultural industry for several years and then returned to undertake a PhD at the University of Melbourne in 1999 on the effect of climate change on the nutritional value of eucalypts.

Ros came to Monash University in 2005 to coordinate the core science program and now leads the Plant Ecophysiological research group (EcoFizz) which studies the impact of climate change on crops that contain toxic cyanide (e.g. Sorghum and Cassava).  Ros is past-President of the Australian Society of Plant Scientists and has served on national committees such as the Australian Academy of Sciences National Committee for Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry since 2005. Her talk will focus on how is it that rising global CO2 levels which are good news for plants can be detrimental for future food security?

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