How can STEM skills better enable your next career adventure?

Simon Terry

Chairman, Change Agents Worldwide

Simon is Chairman of Change Agents Worldwide, a global network of skilled professionals focused on helping organisations to enable people to adapt to the challenges of future work technologies and practices. Throughout his career Simon has worked as a technology and change consultant across a diverse range of industries from entrepreneurial startups, e.g. LanternPay, to large multinational organisations, such as Mattel Inc., National Australia Bank and Consolidated Press Holdings Ltd. He strives to promote change in organisations to make “work more effective” and beneficial for all.

Simon’s talk will explore how STEM skills have benefited his career and helped others succeed in a variety of organisational contexts. He will examine how these increasingly critical skills and capabilities can help leverage your experience across different industry sectors and better prepare you for new technologies and changing global markets.

Why are the STEM skills and capabilities you learn throughout your education increasingly important for success in so many future careers? How will those skills better prepare you to adapt and to contribute in the rapidly changing future of work?

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