Supernova explosions: destroyers and creators of habitable worlds

Dr Jasmina Lazendic-Galloway

School of Physics and Astronomy
Monash University

After completing her PhD in Australia, Jasmina held postdoctoral fellowships at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics and Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, USA. She came to Monash as an inaugural Margaret Clayton Women in Science fellow in 2008.

Jasmina is passionate about learner-centred practices and incorporating the excitement of scientific research into her undergraduate courses. Her astronomy research investigates the physics and chemistry of supernova remnant interactions with molecular clouds. Supernova remnants are products of massive star explosions, which are among the most energetic events in the Universe. These explosions could destroy any planet in their path, but could they be crucial for creating habitable worlds?

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