The value of data in a sharing economy

Fithriyah Shalihah

Technology Specialist
Analytics and Modelling - Network Commercial Engineering 

Fithriyah completed her degree in Telecommunication Engineering from RMIT University with her final year focusing on how to use light in time and space domains to process information. After spending some time in research, she joined a Technology Consulting firm where she developed her love of data analytics and communication. Now Fithriyah supports Telstra’s strategic road maps through her analysis of key Business and Network data, providing Leadership with meaningful information used to solve complex Business problems and identifying commercial opportunities.

Whether we’re using Google Maps to trek across the Amazon, purchasing goods advertised on Facebook, or watching our favourite ‘Sit Com’, we are all contributing to the world of data. How do we as consumers generate data, and how do we use data to enhance our day-to-day lives? We’ll take a journey through the world of data analytics, demystify some of its misconceptions, and explore what it’s like to work in this exciting and booming field.

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