What is Engineering? People, design and the virtue of being unseen

Associate Professor Pippa Connolly, GAICD, FIEAust, MEng, CPEng

Industry portfolio manager
Monash University
Non-executive director Melbourne Health

Pippa graduated with a Masters in Architectural Engineering from Leeds University (UK), incorporating a year at Penn State University (USA). She joined global design consultancy Arup and for 27 years worked on projects as diverse as museums, bridges, master plans and sculptures in the UK, USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand and in Australia. In 2015 she joined Monash University and is currently lecturing and working with industry on multidisciplinary design teams.

Most people are unaware of the impact that engineering has on their daily lives. Behind many of the comforts of life are multidisciplinary teams of engineers working to make the world a better place: more efficient, safer, healthier, sustainable and enjoyable. The mental image of an engineer being a man in overalls with a spanner couldn’t be further from the truth. Find out who is behind the design engineering innovations like earthquake resistant buildings, efficient transport, clean water and clean energy solutions.

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