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Assessment and Academic Integrity Policy [University]

Note: This business process applies to teaching periods that commenced after 1 January 2021.


Ineligible item: For the purpose of review and remark of assessment items, the Faculty of Arts deems certain assessment items to be ineligible for review or remark. An assessment item is ineligible for review or remark if: the item has been reviewed; the item has been remarked; the item received a fail grade and has been verified accordingly; the item is a thesis in a research-track coursework degree, such an an honours thesis or graduate coursework research thesis, or graduate research project in an honours or graduate coursework degree, or an internship report in an honours degree; the item does not require significant academic judgement (e.g., multiple-choice quizzes). Students are able to submit a grievance, according to standard University process, to address concerns that they have about assessment that counts as an ineligible item. (Please note that assessment completed as part of an internship capstone unit in a graduate coursework degree is an eligible item; as part of an honours degree, the internship assessment is ineligible.)


A. Remarking of assessment item.
B. Verification of fail grade for a unit.
C. Grievance business processes for ineligible items.

A. Remarking of assessment item

  1. Students may request that their assessment be remarked where they believe an error has occurred.  A remarking request must be submitted  in writing to the teaching faculty within the specified timeframes:
    1. For assessments within the teaching period: within ten working days of the marks being released to students;
    2. For final assessments: within six weeks after the results were released for the unit, with the exception of semester 2, where the timeframe is no later than the end of the first week of semester 1 of the following year.
  2. Assessment remarking is handled in accordance with the University’s Marking and Feedback Procedure.

Responsibility: Students, academic teaching staff.

B. Verification of fail grade for a unit

  1. The verification of fail grades for major assessment tasks is handled in accordance with the University’s Marking and Feedback Procedure.
  2. For students who receive a failing overall mark and grade in an Arts-owned unit, having completed all assessment items for the unit:
    1. If the student has failed any scheduled final assessment item, that examination script should be reviewed.
    2. For any assessment item worth 20% or more of the final mark and grade, that assessment item should be reviewed.
  3. Where a student receives a failing overall mark and grade in an Arts-owned unit, but has not completed all assessment items for the unit, confirmation of the student’s fail grade (as per 2.1 and 2.2, above) is not required.
  4. As a corollary to these verification business processes, and as per University Marking and Feedback Procedure, assessment in non-written performance-based tasks worth 20% or more of the overall mark and grade (including aural and oral language assessment, musical or theatrical performances, and class presentations) should make use of suitable verification business processes, such as: sound and/or video recording; initial assessment by more than one examiner; or, other defensible form of verification. Performance items that are assessed by more than one person are deemed to have been subject to review, for the purpose of items 2a and 2b, above.

Responsibility: Chief examiners, School Education Coordinators, teaching staff.

C. Complaints business processes for ineligible items

  1. Students who believe there has been an error in how a policy or procedure has been applied in respect to the marking process should follow stage 3 of the Student Complaints Procedure.

Responsibility: Students, teaching staff and academic leaders.

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Approved: Arts Education Committee 03-2014

Revised: February 2021