Coursework awards

Parent policy:

Scholarships and Prizes Policy

  1. The Faculty of Arts may offer a number of achievement awards for coursework degrees and courses, including undergraduate, diploma, and graduate masters coursework degree programs.
  2. In any given year, criteria for the receipt of a coursework award will be developed, and will be approved by the Dean. This includes criteria for eligibility and receipt of award.
  3. Awards for excellence are given by the Faculty, with determination of the award winner made by the Dean, in consultation with approriate academic and professional staff, for example: Associate Dean (Education); Faculty Director of Graduate Studies; directors of graduate coursework programs; conveners of majors and areas-of-study; Faculty General Manager.
  4. The Faculty may change criteria for award for any programs or cohort of students, provided that the Dean approves.
  5. The Faculty is not obliged to offer any number of awards in any year.
  6. Faculty decisions on coursework excellence awards are final.

Responsibility: Dean of the Faculty of Arts; academic staff; professional staff.