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English to Japanese (E-J) Language teachers constantly search for new and improved texts which make students’ Japanese  language learning more effective and more enjoyable, using authentic sources. Old textbooks are often treated as hopelessly out-of-date documents – which they are – but this article asks if they can serve another purpose. Can we make an argument for considering 20th century E-J textbooks as a historical record about trends in language learning and international relations rather than merely archaic teaching tools? What do textbooks tell us about the intended target learners and thus purpose of teaching the language? What analytical lens do these historical textbooks give us to analyze our current textbooks and the politics of language education?

The recording can be accessed here.

Webinar speakers 2 December 2022

Appetites, Desire and Depreciation in Japanese Food Pathways

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Inside a Family-Run University in Japan

If you missed the webinar by the Japanese Studies Centre Seminar "Inside a Family-Run University in Japan" by Professor Roger Goodman here is a recording.

Japanese as a life accelerator